After probably the wettest wet season we've had in a number of years shit seems to have gone all tits up with the weather here in Singapore. I reckon it's been nearly 2 months since any significant rain and everything is very very dry, it reminds me a lot of Australia in fact. Hopefully we get a bit of rain soon to cool everything down. … [Read more...]


Happy Birthday to me! This was just one of the awesome things I got yesterday, as well as an awesome pair of Bose AE2w Headphones that i'm rocking right now … [Read more...]


Life as we know it is about to change forever, and for the better! We just received delivery of a few baby supplies including a cot, needless to say Kayla was very impressed! … [Read more...]


It seems to happen every Monday, after spending the weekend around us Kayla will get a bit anxious cause Anita is at work and she doesn't have the same type of access to me so she goes and destroys something. We're working on her separation anxiety but it's taking a bit of time... This time it cost us $230 for new frames, I wonder what she's gonna destroy next week. … [Read more...]


To go along with her separation anxiety we have been trying quite a few things to help her settle down when we are not at home, this was supposed to help her by putting a piece of clothing inside it she would be reminded of your smell when you weren't around. She destroyed it the first night... … [Read more...]