Big Night Out 2010


Anita and I last night went to the 2nd annual Big Night Out show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to see Rise Against, Saosin & Muse. We had been looking forward to the show since it was first announced as we had tickets to see Rise Against in March 2009 in Sydney. We weren't able to go as we we moving over to Singapore a few weeks earlier, a real dampener as we both really love Rise Against and when they were announced as part of the Big Night Out show we were quite excited that we would be able … [Read more...]

The Weekly Photo Project

Singapore Sky

2010 has gotten off to a pretty good start so far and now that we are nearing the end of January i'm starting to get into a bit more of a groove, work is going pretty well and there is lots to do there. I've also started a few things that i've been putting off for the past year or so, including a better fitness regime, finding a work/life balance and taking on some new projects.One of those projects is the weekly photo project, where each week throughout the year I plan on learning a new … [Read more...]

Van Damme kicks ass in Street Fighter 2


I found this little gem on YouTube last night and couldn't stop watching it, I think I might have played too much Street Fighter 2 (Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right B, A, Start. anyone?) in my youth, but what else are you gonna do growing up in Singapore? not much room to kick a rugby ball around, plus Van Damme, Chuck Norris & Steven Segal were kick ass warriors in the 90's!What's better than seeing Van Damme kick ass in Street Fighter 2? it's better than the actual movie, and features … [Read more...]

10 Famous Quotes That Were Cut Short


Shamelessly pilfered off a friends facebook, it was too good not to share!Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Craig. Seriously dude, stop throwing rocks. Jesus H. ChristNo man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent. And if you don't like it, too bad. I'm the president. Abraham LincolnIt's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. Man, she was hot. I am going to be thinking about … [Read more...]