iTunes Library Organisation & New Music for June

A little inspired after chatting to Danny Yau moments ago, I thought it was time to actually follow through on my iCal appointment to update this website with a few of the albums that have come across my desk in the last few weeks, some of which have actually been pretty awesome.

A recent check of my iTunes library had just over 30,000 tracks which equated to 82 days of music, unfortunately too much to fit onto my iPod Classic now though so i’ve had to get a bit smarter with the playlists that I use to manage my music. 30,000 tracks can be a little overwhelming to just have on shuffle as I usually find a lot of b-sides, rarities, live tracks and other random music either from clients or for party playlists popping into my ears throughout the day. While I listed to my music through iTunes daily I like to listen to the music that keeps me inspired and gets me through the day rather than some of the music that makes up my library, and the only way i’ve found to effectively manage that was to be completely anal about how my music is organised.

I’ve now got most of my ripped CD collection complete with album artwork, correct track names and genre’s (it’s this sort of stuff that makes my OCD happy!) all that’s left to do is to give them proper ratings and re-organise some of my smart playlists to better sort through the tunes. If any of you are looking to clean up your iTunes then I can recommend Tagalicious by the Little App Factory, as well as SongGenie & CoverScout by Equinux which will help getting your iTunes Library under control. For those PC users out there Tagalicious is coming soon or you could try TuneUp.

A little aside, I did get a bit excited by Steve Jobs latest Keynote for WWDC as I think iCloud is really going to bring some positives for accessing your music across multiple devices in multiple locations, not to mention iOS5 and Lion 10.7 look pretty tasty too! But why did I pay for MobileMe for all those years…

And now for some new music!

Faker – Dangerous

Faker have been fave Sydney band of mine since their debut album ‘Addicted Romantic’, and it’s nice to see that Nathan is writing and recording good tracks again, I wasn’t a fan of their last album ‘Be The Twilight’ but the electro feel of this new track has really grabbed me today, so I thought i’d share. ‘Dangerous’ is taken from Faker’s forthcoming album due for release later this year through EMI.

Faker – Dangerous (radio edit) by theinsound

Looks like there is the usual record industry ‘exclusive’ going on here with, so head on over to their site to check out the track.

Cavalera Conspiracy – Blunt Force Trauma

Cavalera Conspiracy promo for Blunt Force Trauma It’s awesome to see that Max and Igor are together again and recording kick ass tunes. I was pissed in Sydney when they cancelled their Judas Priest support Sydney show in 2008 as I was really looking forward to seeing Max and Igor do their stuff on stage, unfortunately it was not to be… Maybe they might tour through Singapore supporting this new album Blunt Force Trauma? I highly doubt it though.

Here is the new video for their first ‘single’ Killing Inside, it reminds me a little of the early Sepultura videos.

In Flames – Deliver Us

In Flames promo for Sounds Of A Playground Fading The last In Flames album was one of my favourite albums of 2008, coincidentally released around the same time as the last Cavalera Conspiracy album. I really liked the In Flames and Pendulum track Self vs. Self which came out on the last Pendulum album, although it wasn’t truly metal, or drum & bass I thought the mix went really well together so naturally I was looking forward to seeing what they would do on their latest ‘Sounds Of A Playground Fading’ and I was not disappointed. Take a look at the vid and then buy the album, you won’t be disappointed! Buy now: or from iTunes.

On a lighter note…

On a lighter note, I’ve been really getting into the new City & Colour, Frank Turner & Eddie Vedder albums, ‘Little Hell’, ‘England Keep My Bones’ & ‘Ukelele Songs’ respectively. They have all made quite an impact on me as I’m currently going through the process of choosing some music for our wedding ceremony and reception in August. We’ve chosen a couple of tracks from the City & Colour and Eddie Vedder albums which really seem to speak to us and what we want our day to be about.

While these tracks aren’t ones we’ve chosen for the wedding, I think they are both really great tracks, so have a quick listen to them and let me know your thoughts.

City and Colour – Fragile Bird

Eddie Vedder – Can’t Keep

To be honest I could keep on going as it seems that the last few months have really brought some fantastic music to me, including new Sepultura album which has some really standout tracks on it and rocks harder than the last couple of albums anyway. The 2nd album by Drapht has been getting a lot of rotation on my iTunes lately as well as the new Jebediah album.

It doesn’t look like Singapore will be getting any decent shows in the next few months with promoters only bringing in Neon Trees, so it looks like I’ll be stuck to my iTunes collection for another few months, at least until the 20th of August when we get back to Sydney for 10 days!

Scratch that! Every Time I Die are touring Singapore on the 6th of October @ The Substation