iTunes Library Organisation & New Music for June

Dallas Green, City & Colour

A little inspired after chatting to Danny Yau moments ago, I thought it was time to actually follow through on my iCal appointment to update this website with a few of the albums that have come across my desk in the last few weeks, some of which have actually been pretty awesome.A recent check of my iTunes library had just over 30,000 tracks which equated to 82 days of music, unfortunately too much to fit onto my iPod Classic now though so i've had to get a bit smarter with the playlists … [Read more...]

Best Of 2008


BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IVMOST DISAPPOINTING ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Slipknot - All Hope Is GoneSONG OF THE YEAR: In Flames - AliasARTIST OF THE YEAR: Cavalera ConspiracyTOUR OF THE YEAR: Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back In Time '08VIDEO OF THE YEAR: FOTC - Hiphoppotamus Vs RhymenocerousSTORY OF THE YEAR: Trent Reznor, Online marketing guruBEST ALBUM ARTWORK: NIN - Ghosts Limited Edition PackageWHO SHOULD HAVE 'MADE IT,' BUT … [Read more...]